Develop Your Thought Leadership.
Express The Big Ideas You Are Passionate About And Share Them With The World. 
Long term individual coaching and mentoring for Professional Speakers and Mission-Driven Experts.


This is what happened to most of my VIP clients.


At a certain point in your career, your expertise takes over. People around you start asking you to share your vision, your insights, and expertise. At that moment you might start thinking about writing a book and in the back of your head, you envision yourself sharing your ideas on big stages. But as much as you have experience in your branch, you are not an expert in public speaking. 

You know how to handle a presentation to a certain degree, but you realise it is time to step up the game. You will have to find time to practice and to develop the keynote that will boost your career.

That's why I developed this program. I'll coach and mentor you to take your impact to the next level.

Every Professional Speaker Needs A Speaker Mentor

Your journey as a speaker can be uncertain and challenging. Having your personal speaker mentor, getting honest feedback on your performance, being challenged on your topics, and having a sparring partner at your side will make you own the stage. Watch and listen how international speaker & thought leader Peter Hinssen experienced working with speaking mentor ianka.

Happy Thought Leaders