Let's get prepped to rock the stage!


Congratz! You're asked to take the stage!


The deadline has been set, the audience has been invited and you know you have to rock the stage. Whether it’s an internal presentation, a conference presentation or even a TEDx talk, you want to inspire and motivate your audience. You want to captivate them with your story, and truly make impact. 
What’s more: you’re willing to go the extra mile to reach that goal.

In this individual program we will work on your prepared keynote. Together we will finetune the text and powerpoint. And you will rehearse the keynote and be coached towards a better performance. 

You are only allowed to this program if you have a deadline, or an event date. 

For the Live, Virtual or Hybrid Speaker 

Depending on your needs, focus and ambition I coach you to become a better speaker on a live stage, in front of a camera or both. You choose. 

Case Studies

Get an idea of the possible key goals of the Peak Performance Program

Keynote speaker at conference X on date X

You're asked to speak at an external event. You have a full written draft of your keynote. 

TED talk

You are chosen to give a TED talk on a TEDx event. Let's make it go viral!

Webinar Presentations

You want to get better at giving webinar presentations, meetings, etc. How to get the interaction going, what about the tech? 

Town hall meetings

You want to spice up and review your town hall meetings. 

In English please

You're asked to give your keynote in English. You already translated the script. But you hesitate...

Duo presentation

You have your keynote all written out. And you'll be presenting him with you colleague or business partner. How to do this? 

Every Professional Speaker Needs A Speaker Mentor

Your journey as a speaker can be uncertain and challenging. Having your personal speaker mentor, getting honest feedback on your performance, being challenged on your topics, and having a sparring partner at your side will make you own the stage. Watch and listen how international speaker & thought leader Peter Hinssen experienced working with speaking mentor ianka.

Happy Thought Leaders


Let's tackle your first questions! 

Request your strategy call and we will deal with your other questions too!