Two-Day Public Speaking Training for Aspiring Speakers and Communicators. 

Masterclass Speaking with Impact & Meaning

Hosted by Speaking Mentor ianka fleerackers

Count Me In, I know this is good stuff!

A two-day immersion of what public speaking can mean to you: a relaxed, pleasant and impactful experience!

As an entrepreneur or supervisor you often have to convince people during a meeting, a presentation or a speech. How often do you have to motivate your team and do you lack the fresh "schwung" to do that?

Even networking at a party, introducing yourself to unknown people or answering questions unexpectedly ..

During this Masterclass you will learn how to speak with impact for every audience without losing yourself and how find a fresh perspective for every speaking opportunity.

You will be able to present yourself with impact and your personal charisma, to inspire people but also to become and remain more self-assured.

You Get An Answer To The Following Questions

  • How do I come across to others when I speak

  • Why do I feel nervous

  • How can I create interaction

  • How can I keep my audience listening to me

  • How do I prevent losing my focus

  • How does storytelling works

  • What about my body language

  • How can I come up with a speech when I have little time

Our Ingredients To Your Speaker Succes


Master the art of storytelling, move your audience into action.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence by learning how to interact and engage with your audience

K.A.S.S.PER strategy

Introduction to ianka's K.A.S.S.PER strategy tailored for short speeches and impromptu speaking

Performance Speaker

Learn performance techniques to stand out from ianka's acting career.

What's in it for you

After this Masterclass you have gained an insight into your own emotional intelligence. You have an idea why you behave in a certain way and you have been given guidelines on how you can get more impact and come across as you speak. You have been given techniques and structures that help you prepare quickly to speak up and to like it too.
You are trained to speak unprepared.

BONUS #1 Online learning platform

A blended learning and flipped classroom experience is integrated in this Masterclass to get the most out of the two day's practice.

BONUS #2 Resource Library

You are granted access for 1 year to ianka's growing resource library for speakers.

BONUS #4 20-30% subsidy for Flemish SME

We are licensed to offer you a subsidy if you are registered in the "KMO-Portefeuille" system.

Your investment

Depending on your situation there are three ways to book this Masterclass.


V.A.T. excluded

Your employer pays the bill

Click here to require a quotation for your boss or HR department.



Mijn werkgever betaalt

1795€ minus 20-30%

V.A.T. excluded

You can enjoy the KMOP subsidy

You pay a bit now and the rest will follow. 

Only available for Flemish SME/KMO


Ik betaal met KMOP


V.A.T. excluded

You pay full price yourself

You are self-employed or boss of a company that is not a KMOP user.

You pay full price. 


Ik betaal

""Hello, I am Xaveer and I am an introvert." This was my first sentence in the Thought Leaders Academy of ianka fleerackers.  A few months later I gave my first 'TED talk'."

Xaveer Rumbaut
Marketing Technologist at Invisible Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to learn how to speak up in front of a group.

Your job function expects you to speak up, lead meetings, give small speeches, network,..

You want to learn how to speak up in front of a group.

Your job function expects you to speak up, lead meetings, give small speeches, network,..

You will have to prepare for the in-person group session the days, weeks before. You get access to the online course and study on the theory. And you will have to prepare some speaking exercises. 

Not during this Masterclass. Check our Premium Keynote Program.

ianka will share her personal methods, but you will have to practice them to become good in using them.

The degree of results and success depends on the work and engagement you put in it and the talent you have in you. You are the speaker after all. I can guarantee you that you make progress, but I can not guarantee you speakers success. I have worked with speakers who worked hard, were really engaged, made considerable progress but didn't have enough talent or knowledge after all to pursue a speaking career.

My sessions are energizing but demanding as well.
The result you achieve is proportional to the effort you have made to apply my expertise.

At TLA, we speak Dutch (Native) and English. 


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