I teach you how to develop and deliver a presentation that matters and makes you money. 

Take advantage AND a shortcut! 
Adapt ianka's knowledge and expertise
from a lifelong career in media and art.

Kick-off Your Speaker Journey. 

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Speaking with impact requires more than know how.

When you are asked to speak to an audience, it's because your colleagues, boss, clients or you believe you have the knowledge needed to deliver a strong message.
But having the knowledge is not enough if you fail to connect with your audience and translate that know how into a captivating talk.
Take a look at how Dimitri Barbe, CEO of Make Sense marketing agency, experienced ianka's mentoring.


What We Offer

Business Speaker Program

Public speaking program designed for coaches, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs who leverage their business through speaking. 

Online program - Dutch Only


The camera loves you/Not

Being able to deliver an great presentation in front of a camera has become a must-have skill for the business speaker, professional speaker and thought leader. Book this skill training and make the camera love you. 

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Mentorship Program

Individual coaching and mentoring for Professional Speakers and Mission-Driven Leaders.
Develop Your Thought Leadership.
Express The Big Ideas You Are Passionate About And Share Them With The World.

Exclusive program - online & offline - 1 on 1- English & Dutch

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For The Live, Virtual or Hybrid Speaker

Depending on your needs, focus and ambition we coach you to become a better speaker on a live stage, in front of a camera or both. You choose. 

Our Ingredients To Your Speaker Success

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence by learning how to interact and engage with your audience

Message Development

Learn how to develop your message so you are in charge, and not your powerpoint.

Performance Techniques

Learn performance techniques from acting in movies and theatre to stand out.


Master the art of storytelling, move your audience into action. 

Thijs Van De Broek

Strategist - In The Pocket

"Straightforward feedback, clear and personal. More boom/boom than bla bla. Applied and relevant towards quickly building up speaker skills."

Marta Klejman

Food & Mind Expert 

"Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you."

Walter van Velden

Session Leader Purpose to Impact

"If you have the instrument, Ianka Fleerackers will teach you how to play the stars of heaven. An absolute authority, the Queen of Speech."

Xaveer Rumbaut

Marketing Technologist at Invisible Puppy

"Hello, I am Xaveer and I am an introvert." This was my first sentence in the Thought Leaders Academy of ianka fleerackers. 
A few months later I gave my first 'TED talk'.